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READ THIS NOTICE PROVIDES IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PAYMENT OPTION. You make payments on installments basis or in a single payment. Paying the full amount may be less expensive, but may involve financial risk for you. State law requires certain Health Studios to post a bond or other financial security to protect members in the event the gym closes Buyer’s right to cancelation. You may cancel this contract without any penalty or further obligation upon written notice by mail or hand delivery to the gym within three (3) days, exclusive of holidays and weekends, from the agreement date. BUYER AND MEMBER EACH HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF A FULLY COMPLETED COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT EXECUTED BY MEMBER/ BUYER AND SELLER. MEMBER/ BUYER AND SELLER EACH ACKNOWLEDGE THE AGREEMENT TERMS SET FORTH ON THE FOLLLOWING PAGES. I understand the Terms & Conditions of this contract if canceling an appointment, arrangements must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment or that session will be forfeited. There will be no credits given for neither mist sessions nor reimbursements of lost classes all payments are final and there will be no refunds. CORE by CHAKfitness reserves the right to terminate any sessions or client if terms and conditions are not met.

I. the client/ member/participant hereinafter reffered to as "affiant", being under no legal disability, as participant to the CORE by CHAKfitness gym/ program do agree to the following:
a] I agree and acknowledge that prior to my participation at CORE by CHAKfitness gym/ program I have been informed of the physical and emotional demands of the programs, the training regimen and that type of activities. I also acknowledge that is my reponsability to refuse to participate in any activity which I may consider to be unsafe for physical and emotional wellbeing/
b] I acknowledge and fully understand that all activities at CORE by CHAKfitness/ program involve risk of injuries that may result from my own actions. action of others. other condition of the facilities. I also acknowledge that there may be other unknown or reasonably unforseen risk as at this time.
c] I agree to assume any and all of the risks and accept personal responsability for the same/
d] I do herby release CORE by CHAKfitness from any and all action, rights, claims, demands, damages, loss of earnings capacity, expenses and compensation, on account of, or any way growing out of, any and all knowing and unknown, forseen and unforseen injuries sustained from the participation in the activities at CORE by CHAKfitness/progam.
Classes are subject to change based on member attendance and availability.
e] I acknowledge and give my consent to my participation, in any photographic, video or internet material intended for promotional purposes for CORE by CHAKfitness/ program.

Liability Consent