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We offer the most comprehensive range of fitness and wellness programs on-site or off-site. Twenty four years working in Miami Florida. We take a very professional and modern approach, implementing engaging programs with the latest trends in the wellness/fitness industry.

Chakiris Menafacio

CEO + Founder of CHAKfitness

Chakiris is the proud founder and owner of CORE by Chakfitness. He has been working as a fitness professional for over twenty years and is accredited by the NSCA, ACE, AFAA, and USA Gymnastics Association. He holds a license in sports massage therapy from the Florida College of Natural Health. Chakiris is ranked black belt of the first degree in Kung-Fu Shaolin.

Chakiris was born in Geneva, Switzerland and was raised in Costa Rica where he started training in martial arts at the age of nine. Chakiris re-located to the United States for 25 years, currently residing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where he has established his presence in the Las Catalinas community. Chakiris is truly an accomplished fitness professional. He has gained national exposure with featured articles in Self Magazine, Natural Awakenings, local publications, TV shows and fitness videos. He has performed at fitness conventions, competitions and exhibitions at more than one-hundred shows at national and international level!

Chakiris is the creator of the ” MOBILE TRAINER” and ” FITCLUB” programs. His signature programs have helped hundreds of clients and students achieved their goals. He utilizes the latest trends and techniques in the fitness industry whether it is one-on-one or group training exercise. Every workout incorporates body, mind and spirit techniques ensuring the complete transformation from within on a physical and emotional level. Chakiris’s holistic approach to fitness combined with techniques used in life coaching, sports psychology, yoga, martial arts and self-improve methods; supports individuals in their process of achieving success.


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